Why I started a radio station


On July 16, 2018, Bone Pool Radio came to life – broadcasting from my studio in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Launching a radio station has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I always loved tuning in to my favorite radio stations in hot aural pursuit of my favorite songs.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a home for indie/alternative classics to be adored, a place where new music can be discovered, and provide a spotlight for incredible local North Jersey bands. This is what we envision for Bone Pool Radio.

My Introduction to radio

Before the cultural supernova known as MTV, I was just a regular kid growing up in Bloomfield, NJ during the ’70s and ’80s. My taste in music was largely restricted to whatever records my parents had in the house, or what was currently playing on the radio.

The radio. It was always on.

Rock n’ roll, Frank Sinatra, talk radio, and Yankee games were the soundtrack of my formative years. Turning the radio on in the car was as automatic a process as turning the key in the ignition and stepping on the gas.

Music. Filling the metallic blue GTO as we navigated through the frozen streets of those impossible New Jersey winters. What would the DJ say next? What song would play after this one? It was magical.

I was sucked in and pulled under. Always singing along, loudly, to Wings, Elton John and Carly Simon. Crooning along with Captain and Tennille, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Carole King and rocking hard to The Rolling Stones, Elvis, and of course, Bruce Springsteen. Everything. I loved it all.

And then I heard something I loved even more.

Blondie changed everything


When Blondie’s “The Tide is High” came out in 1980, I remember feeling as though someone fired a spray of musical notes, execution style, right into my skull.

Staggering, I wanted to hear it again. It was so different. I learned every word to that song and pestered my parents for the whole album.

A deal hinging on academic excellence was struck, the terms were met and Autoamerican was mine! It was my first real record.

A Little Radio Station out of Long Island – WLIR


Several years of mandatory New York City top-forty stations would pass before I caught wind of WLIR, a small independent radio station from Long Island, NY.

Reception was spotty at best across the river; placing the radio in my east-facing window and Scotch taping wads of tin foil up and along my bedroom walls seemed to do the trick. It was perfection! This music was not like anything I had heard on the major NYC stations, nor did it sound like anything I saw whilst glued for hours in front of my MTV. (At least not yet.)

And wait! What band did I just hear coming across the airwaves a second ago? Blondie! They were part of this all along and now I knew where to find them!

Discovering New Bands

What followed was hours and hours of listening and learning; song after song, one more different than the next and yet my newly-minted teenage brain was experiencing the same wonderful sensory response with each tune.

Rapt, I waited for the DJ to tell me what band I had just heard so I could scour the record shop and the corner store for a picture of what they looked like! (This information was also crucial if I wanted to convince family members to advance me on any upcoming birthday gifts next time we hit Bradlees.) What was their name? The Smiths? Who are they? The lead singer just sang something that I was thinking in my head but couldn’t put into words! How did he do that?

Collecting this music, poring and pining over lyrics, listening, curating and discovering was an exercise in devotion to the genre and love of its artists. I was falling truly, madly and deeply in love.

120 Minutes into the Future


When 120 Minutes started airing on MTV, I was similarly inspired. Here were the musicians I had heard on the radio picking their favorite songs, weighing in on various topics and letting viewers glean their personalities.

Staying up late on Sunday nights became the routine in our house and watching Dave Kendall or Matt Pinfield talk about these beloved artists and more importantly WITH them, made their music seem more accessible to me.

Technology Changed the Game

So now, the passing of time and massive technological advances have made it so that we no longer have to wait to hear songs come on the radio or beam through the witching hour on MTV. We can Google any artist any time and immediately hear the songs and/or get a visual. And that’s great, but…

Where’s the discussion? The personality? Where are the local DJs who are “breaking” new bands? Where are the familiar jingles and voiceovers from local businesses? I miss that. And maybe you do too…

Local Radio is the Missing Ingredient

Nothing generates excitement about music like a great radio station.

The anticipation of which amazing song will play after the current track ends. A place where new music discovery can coexist with classic songs that “saved your life.” A real home for the local music scene.

Radio brings all these elements together.

Enter Bone Pool Radio – Independent Radio for North Jersey


This idea is what inspired me to start Bone Pool Radio. And, it became further shaped by the burgeoning local music scene right here in Northern New Jersey.

BPR is dedicated to championing our incredibly talented local musicians through live performances, in-studio interviews and showcasing their music on the station.

My hope is that Bone Pool Radio serves as a home for local North Jersey bands and small businesses whilst capturing the spirit of the WLIR/120 Minutes era.

We hope you’re enjoying the BPR sound so far. We’re just getting started, and we’ll have lots more to share in the future.

Keep listening!

Michelle S. Lomuscio
Owner, Bone Pool Radio

P.S. I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you think about Bone Pool Radio. Email me anytime. Or, add your comments below. Thanks!